Breakfast, By FoggyMorningBrain

In the wee hours of the morning the brain is foggy and allows you to only do what desperately needs to be done…minus the mysterious morning people who wake up ready to high five the rising sun like best friends from high school. But occasionally while doing a task that needs no thought, my auto pilot morning brain likes to leave me with surprises for when i fully wake up. Thank you foggy morning brain for the first smile of the day and taking over when i can not.

EggCat In A Bacon Planket

Eggcat in a bacon blanket

The breakfast of a man bound to be a crazy cat lady in the futue…


Ive put serius thought into printing on clothing over the years but now that ive had one made im dead set on starting a line with my desighns. AAdvancing on to board graphics wouldnt be too much of a long shot either, so fingers crossed for swag…bruh?

Swag Bruh?

Sorry for the wait

As the title says, I have reason to be appologetic for a lack of new content. No worries, in the next few days Ill be adding more images and blogs displaying new finished, and in progress work. Paintings, murals and new mediums from my first of many oil paintings to life sized chicken wire sculpture.

Thank you for all your views worldwide. Keep viewing and Ill keep em coming. Keep your eyes and minds open and beautiful. - Evil Bobs



Special thanks to the SmART Kinston Foundation

The SmART Kinston City Project Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to building Kinston and Lenoir County’s creative economy. 

We envision Kinston as a hub for the arts in eastern North Carolina, from visual to performance art, from literary to culinary art, from contemporary to folk art and everything in between.

SmART Kinston accomplishes its mission through its artist relocation program, creative placemaking initiatives, community arts development, and investments in the Arts & Cultural District.

For more information visit the link below.